Triton Financial Planning Group Inc.

A Tradition of Service

The Triton Financial Planning Group inherits the proud legacy of one of the oldest independent planning firms in New Jersey, Robert J. Oberst, Sr. & Associates, known for its Tradition Of Service since 1969.

Established in 2015, Triton's CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioners and CPA's provide a full range of customized financial planning, investment management, tax and accounting services.

Over the years, our members have remained committed to complete financial planning, basing our recommendations and proposals on an integrated structure of financial analysis.


Personalized Approach

The members of the Triton Financial Planning Group have developed and refined a broadbased framework for prudent financial planning that involves careful management and implementation of resources. With this framework, we are able to tailor an investment and financial plan according to your individual needs and goals.

Your plan will be based on a complete and objective quantitative analysis of your personal assets, retirement and investment assets, real estate, and business related interests. This analysis is correlated with a thorough understanding of your risk tolerances and your financial objectives.

From this profile, we prepare an individually structured written plan identifying problems and recommending strategies.  Your financial plan includes an analysis of cash flow, net worth, and taxes, as well as an assessment of intermediate and long-term needs in educational funding, retirement and estate planning.  We also provide a plan of action and an implementation guide.

Providing a comprehensive financial report is merely the beginning. We believe a financial plan is only as effective as its implementation and flexibility.

Our staff of experienced professionals provide on-going financial advice and service to enable you to stay abreast of shifts in the economy and your life.


Investment Alternatives

A critical ingredient in any financial plan is proper investment selection, management and monitoring.  As an independent firm, the Triton Financial Planning Group seeks suitable strategies available to help you pursue your financial goals.

Through LPL Financial, we are able to help you choose investment in stocks, bonds, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), as well as in mutual funds and insurance.

In an effort to keep your financial plan functioning at peak efficiency, we perform an annual review - "a financial check-up” - in order to make modifications as needed and to update investment strategies.


Helping You Stay Ahead

Our traditional approach has emphasized judicious and intelligent planning and investing.  Above all, we endeavor to provide all financial plans and investment programs to be of sound economic merit, without unnecessary risk to our clients.

The Triton Financial Planning Group is dedicated to a precise study of your present situation.  Only then can a presentation of facts and recommendations be implemented in order of priority.